Our Story:
Built By a Food Bank, For Food Banks

When the Maryland Food Bank couldn’t find a virtual food drive solution to meet its needs, we built our own. We needed online fundraising tools to help raise vital funds and provide our giving community an easy way to help — while improving the traditional food drive experience.

We’re Not Just Another Tech Company

We built Fenly because we know firsthand the unique needs of nonprofits and anti-hunger organizations. Fenly allowed us to bring food drives into the future while equipping our supporters with powerful crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising tools.

Fenly is on a mission to help other organizations realize the potential of an online fundraising platform and the benefits of a virtual food drive. It’s an easy, affordable solution that can supplement traditional food drives, which we know can be costly and inefficient.

We understand tight budgets and small teams, that’s why we created Fenly. Our support team is dedicated to helping you succeed because having an impact is why we’re here.

man stacking Maryland Food Bank meal boxes

With Fenly, You’re Having an Even Greater Impact

Donations stretch further than cans

Collecting shelf-stable foods from traditional food drives is time consuming, expensive and inefficient. Organizations can have much more impact with monetary donations — without lugging cans around!

Doing more to solve hunger

As part of the Fenly community, you are joining other organizations who are working towards ending hunger every day.

With Fenly, there are no hidden fees and our pricing is transparent. At Fenly, all fees go back to supporting our mission of ending hunger and providing you with more tools to do the same.

Food banks and food pantries are unique

Shifting traditional food drives online just makes sense. Not only can you reach more donors, your impact will go further because there’s low overhead. And donors love the experience of shopping for your cause.

See How Fenly can Help you Drive More Donations